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Date: June 23rd 1918

June 23

My Dear Margaret,–

Your letter of May 27th came last night in slightly less than a month with the spray of Lillies of the valley and I was very pleased to get it but rather at a loss to know why you are not getting my letters as my Aunt in Embro got a letter written April 28th and mother got one dated April 24th.

Thanks dear for what say regarding the tatted sheets but we all live the future in our dreams now and keep up our hopes for the future. I’ve been living the memory of other days and picturing the future these days, but cheerio. This letter will not reach you in time for July 6th but I hope you get soon after. I’m living those days over again and over here constricted as we are in writing and knowing how things are here. You understand that I did not love you too much when I was with you. Wish we could have a few days together now dear. I want you all to myself dear.

I would like to go canoeing with you and take our lunch along and stay for the band concert at night and then come home and have a little bit of music and then the rest of the evening to ourselves. I’ll like to shift all responsibility and be two kids again and grow young again. I’m also curious to have you show me the little things you have in your hope box and also the blankets Loll has for you. I’ll like if we could go through it at our leisure with no one to disturb us. I do realize how you feel these days dear but oh how can I say what I wish to say when someone else censors it. Your white sheets are a whole lot different from my ground sheet on the hard floor. It was this memory I wished to bring to France to hold you in my arms and to feel your warm kiss. I think that was one of my strongest thoughts to getting married before I left. I wouldn’t want you in the hospital like Anne Plank dear.

I just want you these days Girlie and I want you all to myself. Please don’t think because my letters are bare and casual that I am not thinking of you. You are nearer and dearer to me over here in France than you were the night we had the drive in the park. Then you were my sweetheart now you are my wife. Our thoughts and feeling hopes and fears have mingled together and are one, but I can’t very well tell you this with an officer whom I know personally, reading it. So even if I don’t say so you’ll know that I’m still wanting you. I have pictured our meeting dozens of times dear. I don’t think that I could control my feeling sufficiently before our friends. I would sooner meet some quiet place where we could go off by ourselves. What do you say. Would you mind telling me what you picture our meeting as and where. Girlie dear I can almost feel you trembling.

I’d want to go out in a big bush if the weather was nice, if it was winter time I’d want to be alone in a big room so I could look at you and love you without anyone intruding. What do you say. Then after we got over our first yearning we could meet our friends.

Went to a Divisional Concert the other night given by an Imperial Scottish Division. It was real good for 10 ¢.

Also took in a picture show, cinema they call it here, which was real good (Keystone).

Will close now dear. Remember me to all.

Love and kisses

[...?] letters[?] for[?] June[?] six[?] in 20 days. Pretty good eh. You certainly have been busy. I got quite a compliment from Dora about how busy you were. These things please me.

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