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Date: June 10th 1918

June 10

My Dear Margaret,

I wrote you last Thursday but did not have an opportunity of writing you yesterday. We had church parade, bath parade and in the afternoon we were paraded to. Brigade sports and came back and went to bed at 7. Reveille at 12.30 am and a working party which got back at 9 a.m. I have been sleeping ever since.

The mail has not been coming my way at all lately. Got a McClures magazine for January and McLeans magazine for February and March so you see how far behind I am. Every one is the same. Hardly any letters and no parcels a month. I love when I know there are letters on the way for me and I’ll likely get them all in a bunch. I am anxious to know whether you are receiving my letters. From your letters you have apparently received only two letters, and those green envelopes. You do not speak of any letters written between Feb 20 and March the 25th or some where near that date. I wrote a card from Folkstone and one from the base and a note on March 4th the day we joined the battalion and I haven’t any check on the last letters I wrote from Blighty.

I have read a couple of articles from McLeans and they sure are good. If you read the trench letters of Driver Cooper you get a pretty fair idea of what it is like out here and the sketches are good too. Then his pen pictures of how our feelings run are correct.

Have been thinking of you continually these days and wondering what you are doing these days and wondering how it would feel like to drop off to the train at the old station some evening.

I enjoyed very much the program of the musical of Cora Ahrens. It takes me back to the evening you and I took one in in 1916 and the smart looking Cadet ushers. I notice Marion Kopp sang. God send you back to me. Thinking of the family party we had that evening how changed things are. Pass has lost two of her family. Mac has a brother in the war and I am here. Thinking of ice cream reminds me that I haven’t had any since I left you. Well I’ve still strong hopes of still having our little party all over again. I must admit dear that I envy Murray Graham his good fortune.

Well dear I will close now and trust this finds you all OK as it leaves me. There is nothing of interest here. We have another working party tonight so I am going to turn in. Oh by the way in the book of poems you sent me I found a note from Blanche Kerr to you written 1908 exactly 10 years ago. I am returning it along with the photos you sent me.


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