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Date: October 28th 1917

[pictured in photo at bottom, r. to l.: A.R. Frankham, T.H. Bishop, W. Murray Dennis]

Bramshot Camp.
Oct 28th 1917

Dear Mar,–

I am still on guard at the Ordinance corp. and am here for another week which take us off the “square” or parade grounds for two weeks. As a result we are all smiles even if they are sleepy ones. Only had 3 ½ hours sleep last night and was busy cleaning up this morning preparing to go back to our unit. However about 11.30 we got orders to remain here, and as a result I've missed my morning sleep. Got paid yesterday and I also heard a rumour of Canadian Mail but haven’t seen any yet.

I’m enclosing the proof of my picture. This is the result of the third sitting. The face is all right but the right breast pocket is not buttoned correctly. I am only getting half a dozen and some postcards.

I am also enclosing part of a film of snaps. There are three snaps more of one of the boys which he is having developed. These are not very good. I am taking some snaps of some of the boys while on guard and I'll get Guy to snap me a couple of times too. If I get a chance at a good photographers I'll have my photo taken again. I'm not at all satisfied with the one I am sending you, but I don’t know how long I'll be in England so I thought it was better than nothing,

Say dear you don’t mind me writing on the both sides of the page just for this once. I am short of writing paper here. So I’m writing small and on both sides so that I can say a lot in a little space. Oh by the way dear if you have success with the films make 3 of each will you please, and if you'll enclose a couple of films in each parcel I'll feel obliged for I am unable to get any films around here. Only found out about the Photograph Controller until the other day.

I enjoyed the Stratford papers so much too. It put me back there with you and I wanted to hug up my honey girl and have her for my own. I dream of a little home for us dear. Not very big but just ours. I'm hungry to feel you in my arms and press your cheek to mine. Just going for supper mount guard in half an hour.


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Original Scans