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Date: October 24th 1917

Bramshot Camp,
Oct. 24th 1917

Dear Margaret;

Received two letters from you yesterday among them a bunch of snaps for which many many thanks, and also your letter of Sept 26th. This letter particularly appealed to me as you wrote it on the anniversary of your diamond. I know dear that you are particularly proud of it and more so of what it signifies. As you say dear, "If the heart is right, something is bound to follow". Dear Girl I guess you were very lonely, even with your memories. I'm loving you tonight as I did that night and I want to slip my arms around you and hold you as I did that night. You know how we used to sit.

I am still on guard and its been raining all afternoon and evening. Today Guy and I wheeled to Petersfield about 10 miles and had a fine dinner of roast beef instead of the eternal muligan. We figured on going to an afternoon show but they didn't have any matinee and then it started to rain and we came home but got soaked and I am still wet, but never mind we had a good feed. I tried to get some films but they have a film controller and we can't get any more. I will try my luck at Haselmere as soon as I get off guard. By the way, they are opening up a hospital at Haselmere in memory of Edith Cavell. Haselmere being her birthplace. So we are now in a historic part of the country.

I've got one film yet and I've taken a film to Liphook to be developed. It should be ready today. I had my picture retaken but I do not know if it was any good, I haven't seen it yet.

Got two parcels today. One from the Rebeccas with a box of fudge, and a pair of socks, and a parcel of papers from you, and a parcel from Minnie Langdon, with 12 packages of gum, and 4 of tobacco, and a bunch of chocolate and two pr of socks. Oh we're having a big feed tonight.

My pen went dry so please excuse pencil. Guy got a parcel of chewing gum, cocoa and coffee. So believe me we're living high. Between three of us we got 36 packages of gum. Some "chawing" believe me.

Wish you were here tonight or rather that I was with you and sit beside one of these old fashion English grates and let the darkness come on. Memories are very strong with me tonight dear. Perhaps it is the wind howling outside and the leaves are falling too, and you are very near tho so far away. I dream of the end of the war and of a home with you, picture it all and build aircastles around we two during the long night watches. Think of you in your warm cosy bed but the memories of a year ago year ago make up for many of my hardships. Them and the many thoughtful attentions of passing friends. So the days go by, and we try to meet them with a smile. Well dear, I'll close for this time.

With love

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