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Date: June 5th 1918

June 5th
Dear Mar –

Your letter of May 7 arrived to-night the first of the Canadian mail after an interval of three weeks so you can imagine how glad I was to receive it. Your letter was the only one I received to-day so I expect to get more from you and also from mother to-morrow.

I can't understand why you should be without mail from me for two weeks. I certainly write from this end and of course I know that you are writing but there hasn't been any Canadian mail come in. Then you know that it is pretty hard to get all the mail through.

Talking about canoeing I have just come from a nice cool plunge and although it was uncomfortable at the time I feel fine now. Now if we could just go canoeing it would be great. I've come across streams out here plenty large enough to canoe in but I've never had an opportunity. Do you mind the times we've had and the band concerts. Oh I'm still looking forward to having some more canoeing parties you and I and picnic parties too, and I guarantee we won't have cornbeef and hardtack and water for lunch. Oh well what is the use of talking dear. It won't bring me home any sooner and it only makes me more discontented here. You are right about the surroundings not being pleasant but we have our gentle moods only we become more taciturn and it is harder to voice our feelings I don't know why our experiences should unless that we wish to forget them. There are so many close calls and unpleasant things that I would prefer only to think of the pleasant sights while we rest or dream of the happy days you and I have had together. Why should you fear for me. You have your faith. I have mine I do the best I can, take things as the come, enjoying the pleasant times and forgetting the hard times.

At present we are still enjoying ourselves and living sometimes in billets and sometimes in huts in different places. There is a little creek not far from here which has been damed up for bathing purposes and we sure take advantage of it. We are having a [?] platoon competition and our platoon is going to Brigade on Saturday. Cheer-io. As we say here. The Bosche is the-oh and we are he-oh[?]. Cheer-io cheer-io.

Well girlie I'll close for to-night with great expectations of mail tomorrow.

With love

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