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Date: May 20th 1917
Murray (signed "I.S.Y.L.A.")

Bramshott Camp
Sun May 20th. 1917

Dear Margaret,

This is Mother's Day in Canada, and we had a Mother's Day sermon this morning. Got up at 6. Breakfast at.7.30 parade at 8.45 to church. Has our farewell address from Col. Prekett[?] and our lecture from our new Colonel Colonel McFhie [?]. He seems a pretty good head too. There was no love lost on Colonel Pukett[?].

Among other things our Chaplin told us the tenderest word was love and the sweetest word was mother and of course he was drawing a comparison with the love of Jesus in saving souls. Then he finished up by quoting a poem of Kiplings.

If I were hung from the largest tree
   I know whose love would come up to me
If I were drowned in the deepest sea
   I know whose tears would come down to me
If I were damned in body and soul.
   I know whose prayers would make me whole
Mother o mine, mother o mine.

We are going on pass tomorrow for six days, and the Y.M.C.A. has given us a list of places to sleep eat and amusement and sight seeing. I'll spend a couple of days in London - the rest in Bristol.

I got a bunch of papers from you yesterday and have only had time to glance over them, last night. Oh it sure does feel good to read about the old home town.

I've a number of short letters all ready for posting as soon as I can get an envelope.

Kisses and love from

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