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Date: May 1919

May 1

Raining a little today, cinema in evening, got picture from photographer, sent on to Petley, playing cards, wrote a couple of letters

May 2

Good photo, play in cinema

May 3

Nearly a riot in camp this morning but they paid the troops, went up to London with Macnamara, saw colonial parade, went to Joy Bells in Hippodrome, saw the King, bought set of colours, back to Epson on 7:37

May 4

Received registered letter from Bill Bailley with Battalion button enclosed, fine day

May 5

Cinema in evening, fine day

May 6

Paid today, fine weather, three of fellows bought cloth and are selling Division colours, I financed them two pounds

May 7

Fine weather, wrote home

May 8

Nearly a riot in camp, promised a four day pass to start on the 15th, went to Orpington, said goodbye to Petley and Humphries, they leave for Kirkdale tomorrow

May 9

Paid five pounds this morning, came up to London by bus, nearly bought diamond ring, dance tonight in Ashburton Hall, met a Welsh girl there

May 10

Palladium theatre matinee, saw play "Yes Uncle" at night in Shaftesbury theatre, going about with Nixon and two other boys, fine weather

May 11

Stoll theatre in evening with other boys, in Hyde Park all day, fine weather, stopped in Maiden Vale

May 12

Dinner at Club, about town with Craig today, back to Epson with other boys

May 13

General Foster spoke today, said we could all have another pass from tomorrow until Monday as we weren't going until 20th, paid

May 14

In London 6;00 p.m., sent wire, went for walk with E.A. in evening, arranged to go to Blackpool tomorrow

May 15

Breakfast at 10:30, caught train 1:00, changed at Preston, arrived at Blackpool 7:30, booked room, walked along sea front, in bed 11;00 p.m., travelled first class to Blackpool

May 16

Breakfast at 9:30, for stroll by sea, in dirty place for dinner, had hand read twice today, fine day, sat on sea shore all day

May 17

Slept 11 hours last night, missed pal in morning, for sail on ocean in afternoon, dinner at Cafe Royal, dance in tower pavillion in evening, along sands after dance, warm day

May 18

Breakfast 9:30 a.m., lost badge on sea shore last night and found it again this morning, caught 1:30 train, changed at Preston and Crewe, arrived at Euston at 8:45 p.m., caught 9:45 from Waterloo for Epson

May 19

No word yet as to definite sailing, paid five pounds and given three day pass, stopped in Marda Vale tonight, fine weather, dinner at Maple Leaf Club

May 20

Wrote couple of letters, wired to report back tomorrow night, supper at Corner House, around town with a couple fellows

May 21

Received letter this morning at Club, in Hyde Park under shade trees with Collins, wire received calling all back off leave as boat sails on Friday or Saturday

May 22

Muster parade at 2:00 p.m., a lot of boys absent, labelled kit bags for shipment, supper at 12:00 p.m., marched down to station at 2:45, train left at 3:50 a.m.

May 23

Reached Liverpool at noon today, given time on platform, boat sailed at 4:00 a.m., was asleep when ship started, good sleep

May 24

Sister and doctors on board, passed Irish coast early this morning, ship pitches a lot, not feeling sick yet, in chair on second class deck, rather cold on deck, good food and service, 281 miles at noon today

May 25

Raining a little today, water smooth, weather cold, issued cigarettes and given everyday

May 26

Cold today, bought revolver tree pounds today

May 27

Very misty today, ship is stopped for fear of striking iceberg, sold revolver back

May 28

Still heavy fog, not moving at all, wireless that Hawker (Atlantic Flyer) is found alive, played cards, etc. to pass

May 29

Heavy fog, no sailing today, weather very cold, temperature 32 above, six other ships stalled within a few miles of us according to wireless

May 30

Still stopped and fog very thick, tantalizing to be so close and yet so far from home, started in afternoon and ran into icefield, everyone excited but no panic, passed large amount of icebergs

May 31

Weather cold, nothing unusual, passed Cape Race