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Date: April 1919

April 1

Had photo taken today, am taking part as leading lady in concert party here

April 2

Trying on wigs, etc. today, deposited 9 pounds making 10 pounds in YMCA

April 3

Went to movie show in Orpington

April 4

Went up to London today with Petley, met Bobbie Kerr on street, was talking to him, stayed in London tonight, met Archie Fonger

April 5

Met Pete Whitney today, he told me about his girl Ethel, dinner at Corner House, back on 7:15 train

April 6

Fine weather, went for walk in evening with three other boys

April 7

Bought new writing pad, wrote a couple letters, went for a walk in evening to strengthen my leg

April 8

Had name taken to go home next week by transport instead of hospital ship, fine weather

April 9

Paid today one pound, called at photographers, only two pictures finished so took them, got two watches for Sister Jones from jeweller

April 10

Bought new tunic for five shillings, played cards, fine weather, got balance of photos from photographer

April 11

Went up to London to see "Female Hun" at Lyceum theatre, met Reg Slee on the street, only talked a few minutes with him, walked back from station with Sister Thompson

April 12

Raining hard today, bad cold, went to a dance in YMCA hut last night after coming back from town

April 13

Not feeling well, went for a walk in evening with Oberson, back early, some girls visiting another patient in ward made me look foolish before the fellows

April 14

In bed all day with light attach of pleurisy, pain in my side, well doctored up by Sister, Kirby ordered to be as punishment

April 15

In bed today, feeling a little better, received new tunic from tailor today, pouring rain, window broken in ward

April 16

Got up for a while today, feeling much better, pain in my side nearly all gone, sewing on my tunic, Oberson and Dickerson left for Kirkdale

April 17

Sister put me to be again and gave me lot lemonade, neuralgie in my face, in morning, sent a wire to London for Sister

April 18

Good Friday, Sister hired a car for four of us and we went to Tinbridge Wells and back, 40 miles, feeling much better today, fine day, walk in evening

April 19

Up to see "Bing Boys on Broadway" at Allbrambra theatre, met Bill Baillie on street and several boys I knew, back on 7:15

April 20

Took communion today, had two eggs for tea, raining a little today

April 21

Took bus to Bromley and went to a dance, stopped in a classy hotel for the rest of the night

April 22

Back to hospital this morning, went up town to see "Maid of the Mountains" at Daley theatre, Fosdisch raising deuce because Miller owing him five shillings, good play, back on 7:15

April 23

Applied for pass for tomorrow and Saturday

April 24

Raining hard today, got pass granted, to stoll theatre matinee, stopped at Marda Vale tonight, fine supper, Australian march today, clear day

April 25

Breakfast at 11:00 a.m., went to Bayswater and met Albany, cinema, raining a little, supper at Corner House, past 10 Downing Street where L.G. lives, back on 7:15

April 26

Petley had another operation today

April 27

Cold today and snowing hard, warned to go to Epson tomorrow, drew kit, twenty going from this ward

April 28

Four inches of snow this morning, left on 1:40 train, arrived Epson for supper, not very many in camp, cinema in evening, funny coincidence of me getting in same hut and same bed as when I was here before, met massage Sisters today

April 29

Epson races start today, paraded to hospital representative, had picture taken, concert tonight, called Joan Danvers

April 30

Went out to races, big crowd, lost a pound, time passes slowly here, medical exam by doctor today