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Date: March 1919

March 1

Went up to London, fine day Saturday, to matinee at Drury Lane, "Babes in the Woods" was the name of the play, dinner at Lyon Corner House, in art museum and saw Canadian war pictures, fine paintings

March 2

To QM for to draw balance of kit, fine day

March 3

Clear day, nothing unusual today

March 4

Was paid ten pounds for leave, pouring rain, received Canadian mail

March 5

Paraded to adjt. in morning, pouring rain

March 6

Went to town in morning for Sister Jones, Stewart Patleys arm worse, on pass today in London

March 7

Pouring rain, with Albany in evening, met Captain Martin and Tony Fortinato, wound dressed at Charing Hospital

March 8

Bought seats in Strand theatre for matinee, to a dance in Cannon Street Hotel, swell affair, danced several dances, back to club at 2:00 p.m.

March 9

Got up at 9:45 to go to zoo, wet day, wound no worse from dancing

March 10

Went to London Opera House, movies, prettiest theatre in England, riot on Strand with Yanks and police

March 11

Left 10:30 Paddington station for Wales, changed trains at Chester, dinner there at 4:00 p.m., arrived Llandudno about 7:00 p.m., raining all day

March 12

Jones nice people, can't smoke in their house, got family history today, Mr. and Mrs. Jones are 70 years old and very active, played checkers in evening, rained and snowed last night, about 5" water in lower rooms of their house

March 13

Through Conway and Llandudno today, cold, movies with Annie

March 14

Warm day, to Colwyn Bay and Rhos on sea, sent Mother a handbag, called on some friends of Annie's, through Conway Castle, took snaps, with Mrs. Jones, up to butcher shop in evening, wrote letters

March 15

Got up in morning about 11:30, went to Parmaenmaur today and to Deganivy to some friends, walked back from Deganivy to Llandudno, clear day, play lido and checkers every night

March 16

To service in Welsh chapel in morning, service all in Welsh, caught train at 2:00 to London, arrived back at 10:00 p.m., booked bed in Club, went out again for walk

March 17

Got up at 9:30, fine dinner at Slaters on Strand, theatre in afternoon, met T. Hostler in Beaver Club, had pictures taken and left London at 7:30 from Victoria station

March 18

Quite a lot of mail for me and busy all day answering them, Kirby borrowed shoes

March 19

Raining all day, wound healing a little, received letters and photos taken Monday night, no good

March 20

Applied for pass from tomorrow until Monday but only got tomorrow, took laundry to woman to be washed

March 21

Caught 11:30 train for London, stoll movies in evening, very cold

March 22

Got up at 11:00 a.m., chicken dinner, saw Guards march by, Prince of Wales headed procession, back to Orpington on 7:15

March 23

Slept most of day, wrote few letters

March 24

Very cold in wards, got snaps from photographer

March 25

With Petley and Oberson, got washing from laundry woman, down to Orpington in evening to movie show, cold today

March 26

Nothing much doing today

March 27

Went up to London today, went to Palladium theatre variety show, came back on 7:15 train

March 28

Cold today, some more boys went on pass, wound just about closed

March 29

Took two watches to Sister Jones to be fixed, snowed about four inches last night but is nearly all melted today, up to London, chicken dinner, stoll theatre, back on 7:15

March 30

Summer time started last night

March 31