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Date: February 1919

February 1

Wrote a couple of letters, played cards, got a permanent pass until 8:30 p.m. everyday

February 2

Asked doctor to give me a board, nothing else doing

February 3

Helping Sister to make the beds, etc., concert in ward tonight, received letter from Mother

February 4

Down to town today, bought a razor strop, had supper with another fellow, one haddock for two and two eggs and three sausages each

February 5

Doctor marked me for board yesterday, snow storm today, played cards all day

February 6

Received letter from Emily and another from Mother, cold clear weather

February 7

Went down town today, met Jacobs and he had two haddocks which we ate

February 8

Took some snaps today, very cold night, got letter from Mrs. Taylor, wrote several letters

February 9

Albany came to see me today and we had a good time, very cold day, wound is very painful

February 10

Nothing unusual, took films to be developed

February 11

Received a letter from Mother, wound a little better, loaned my shoes to Kirby, he went to London

February 12

A week from today is a ball in Albert Hall by Whitley's, no board yet but expect it soon

February 13

Doctor wrote out board papers today, it took 1 1/2 hours to do it, sewed a cuff on my pants tonight

February 14

Had a board this morning and marked I.T.C. so will go on pass in two weeks

February 15

Played cards and wrote letters, was to movie in YMCA in afternoon, Roy Bratt is home

February 16

Pouring rain all day, read a book called Bar 20

February 17

Movie show today, wrote a couple of letters, down town and got snaps from photographer, bought a pair of gloves

February 18

Met Bert Holstein today, he was sick and got sent back from France, conscripted, talked over old times

February 19

Didn't go to the ball tonight because of my wound, rather cold tonight

February 20

have a cold so Sister put me to bed and gave me a lot of medicine which cured the cold

February 21

Movie show in YMCA in afternoon, wrote a couple of letters

February 22

Went up to London with Fred Holstead, his first time there, had a good time however, back to hospital at 9:00 p.m.

February 23

Wasn't warned for leave today so won't go this week

February 24


February 25


February 26

Received a lot of Canadian mail

February 27


February 28

Paraded up to adjutant to find out when I am to go on pass