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December 1

Raining hard in morning, down town in afternoon and met E. Adams who gave me back my kodak which I loaned to them before going to France, had a good time today, back at camp at 7:00 p.m.

December 2

Clear day, movie show in evening, heat and electric baths for my leg, wound filling in a smaller but still a long time yet before it heals up

December 3

Sent some Christmas cards away today, getting very short of money, large bunch of men going out tomorrow

December 4

Received letter from Harold Shaw and another from John Sparham which he wrote on October 10, it went to France and back, managed to get two rolls of film for my kodak up at the massage department, my VAD nurse is sick with pleurisy

December 5

Marked out for hospital today but won't be going for a few days yet, movie show in evening, don't want to hospital again until after Christmas

December 6

Asked to remain here until after Christmas but have to parade before divisional MO tomorrow to get an answer, movie show in evening, met John Sparham over in YMCA hut tonight, his wound is all healed up and will be leaving here in a few days to go on pass

December 7

With John in evening to movie, had a long talk after about the old neighbours and home affairs, raining today, the medical officer marked my papers to stay here until after Christmas and will likely go to hospital then unless my wound is so much better by then

December 8

Read a book all day long and evening, newspapers are full of election news now, raining today

December 9

With John to the drama in theatre tonight, play called "Breed of the Freshams", pouring rain, wrote several letters

December 10

Wound very painful today and isn't healing very much, raining all day, expect to be in Epson until Christmas and if wound isn't any better then will be going back to hospital, lots of fun kidding Miss Taylor, the massage sister

December 11

Raining again today, received a letter from Bob, he didn't give me the information that I asked for, read a novel all day

December 12

No massage inspection today because Sister hasn't got a card for me, weather clearing up, moonlight night, with John to movie, Douglas Fairbanks was on, received a lot of Canadian mail, received a parcel from Harold Shaw from Whitley camp

December 13

Raining hard today, received a letter from Jim Naylor in Chester and wrote reply, Harold spent his pass with them, with John to movies

December 14

Pouring rain all day, read books and slept to pass time away, monotony of this is hard to stand, to see others get well and go on pass and then back to Canada and I can't get my wound to heal

December 15

Raining as usual, wrote a letter and smoked my head off nearly, sold my German belt for ten shillings and one of my sticks for two shillings

December 16

Was down to medical hut in the morning and managed to get back my old massage appointment card, weather cleared up, John Sparham went out on pass, we had our picture taken together with my kodak

December 17

To cinema in evening, received two parcels today, one from Welsh Society in Hamilton and another from Brownie, weather clear

December 18

Weather colder, leg sore, is slowly healing up, received parcel from Alice, and another little one from Mother with two pieces of wedding cake in it

December 19

Theatre in evening, nothing unusual today, show was "Seven Keys to Bolt's Gate"

December 20

Got some spare bandages for to use when I go away around Christmas day, went up to London in afternoon by train, stopped tonight at YMCA at 101 Belgrave Road, Victoria

December 22

My birthday, 21 years old and have a patch of white hair on my temple, met Red Mackay in Y hut across from Victoria Station, had a good time with him today, he booked a bed for me tonight at Soldiers Hotel behind Buckingham Palace, to theatre in evening

December 23

Shaftbury's theatre in morning, good movie play and coming out we met all the people who played in the picture, "The Man That Won" was the name of the play, dinner in a classy restaurant and came back to camp by bus from Clapham Common

December 24

Stayed in camp today, sent telegram to Mrs. Taylor to say I wouldn't be there tomorrow, they don't seem to want my anyhow, fine day but very cold tonight

December 25

Fine sunny day, took pictures of mess room which is very prettily decorated, for dinner we had turkey, tomato soup, pudding, cake, nuts, oranges, apples and a big stocking full of gifts from Canada

December 26

Today is Boxing Day in England and is celebrated almost as much as Christmas Day, President Wilson arrived in London today, great crowd out to welcome him, fine clear day

December 27

Played cards nearly all day, wrote a couple of letters in the evening, good show on in cinema in evening, WAACs had their Christmas celebration tonight, they do all the cooking here

December 28

Can walk without sticks now but wound is still open, received a letter from Emily tonight, first received for nearly two months

December 29

Down to Epson this afternoon and came back in a taxi, met Will Bardsley in camp today, the first time I've seen him or heard anything about him since before I left Hamilton

December 30

Got paid four pounds today to go on a four day pass starting tomorrow, wrote a couple of letters today, received a letter from Mother tonight with a bank draft enclosed for ten pounds, Mr. Radford died December 8

December 31

Raining, going on a four day pass starting this morning, walked down to Epson and came to London by train, dinner at pay and record office, booked bed in Maple Leaf Club, they played all clear last night at 12:00 a.m., had an enjoyable evening