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Date: October 1918

October 1

Have big sore on my wrist and another on my right leg, paid ten shillings today

October 2


October 3


October 4

Was outside today and walked too much and started my wound bleeding so have to go back to bed for a while

October 5


October 6


October 7


October 8


October 9

Canadians capture Cambrai

October 10

Out today and walked through the cathedral, shown about by a guide who explained things, wonderful church, leave tomorrow for Epson hospital

October 11

Took bus to the train in morning, changed trains at London and got to Epson in afternoon, this is a big convalescent camp for Canadians, sleep in beds in big huts, have to walk about quite a bit for meals, dressing station, washrooms, etc.

October 12

Met quite a few boys I know who were wounded, pouring rain all night, Germans sink Irish mail boat, more victories for Allies

October 13

Dressing parade in morning but I have to have mine done twice a day

October 14

Epson Camp, leg very sore

October 15

Epson Camp, received Canadian mail in reply to letters written in Canterbury

October 16

Epson, played cards and wrote letters

October 17

Met Roy Bratt, he is a Sergeant Major now, to movie show in camp with him tonight

October 18

Leg very sore today, to concert across from hut tonight, received letter from Will and another from Father's cousin

October 19

To cinema in evening with Roy Bratt, British capture Ostend and Bruges today besides relieving Lille yesterday

October 20

To matinee in cinema today which is about fifty yards from my hut, play was the "Daughter of the Gods", to church service in YMCA in evening with Roy Bratt, pouring rain all day, British capture Zeebuge

October 21

Received some Canadian mail, to theatre in evening

October 22

A.M. put on a massage treatment from now on, they give me electric treatment for my wound to try to quicken the healing and stop the running of it all the time

October 23

Gave me dressing of peroxide twice today besides the treatment and my leg is very sore tonight, to concert in evening which was very poor, more mail, one letter from Mrs. Howell thanking me very much for information about Walter's death, had razor honed by an Englishman who nearly spoilt it

October 24

Electric treatment today, received pictures from photographer, movies in evening

October 25

Received quite a lot of mail today, clear weather

October 26

Bath today, treatment, etc., played cards nearly all afternoon

October 27

Clear today, wrote quite a number of letters, over to a lecture in cinema in afternoon, it was "Thrilling Scenes in Parliament" and was very poor, church service in YMCA tonight

October 28

My wound pretty much the same as when I first came here, clear weather, foliage of trees very pretty now

October 29

Dressing of red lotion for my wound today which is supposed to make a wound heal up quickly

October 30

Medical inspection today, all men who were sent out of camp today to go on sick furlough for ten days were recalled and are to be sent to Ryhll in Wales tomorrow because of the influenza, Roy Bratt was one of them, he had a bullet through the wrist, over 1000 deaths in a week from influenza

October 31

My wound beginning to show signs of healing but still very sore, the influenza disease is in the camp, Halloween night tonight