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Date: September 1918

September 1

In 55th general hospital today, went under chloriform at noon and had wound scraped and cleaned, leg awful painful after operation, wrote letter home, had fair sleep tonight

September 2

Still in hospital today, wrote several letters, nothing unusual today except when I want to turn I have to get the nurse to help me

September 3

British and Canadians win more victories and pierce the Hindenburg Line, wound is about four inches long, two inches wide and one inch deep, getting monotonous laying quiet all the time

September 4

Still in the same hospital, nothing unusual today

September 5

Doctor said today that I was fit to be moved to Blighty tomorrow, in this hospital alone they operated on 142 men in two days

September 6

Moved at daybreak in ambulance to boat in Boulogne, arrived at Blighty at noon, took train from Dover to Herine Bay and as the hospital there was full, cam e in ambulance to Cantebury, Kent, about fifty beds in my ward

September 7

Had a wash and shave this morning, it's agony to have my leg dressed but afterwards it doesn't hurt so much, wrote several letters, on to the Dominion Bank

September 8

Leg not so painful today, good food in this hospital, got out of bed tonight and went to the end of room with a pair of crutches but was so weak I could hardly stand

September 9

Same thing as usual today, leg dressed, etc., have good appetite and sleep well

September 10

Received three pounds from Dominion Bank which I wrote for on Saturday

September 11

Still in bed today, nothing to write about

September 12

Wrote several letters today, weather cool today

September 13

In hospital

September 14

In hospital, received a letter from Niles, he says they might have to take his leg off

September 15


September 16


September 17


September 18

Received my watch from Sergeant Cook in France by registered letter

September 19

Sent Cookie a pound for getting my watch fixed, ladies orchestra played for us this afternoon, received two magazines from cousin Annie Jones

September 20


September 21

Hospital, in bed yet but can get about a little with crutches, will likely have to have an X-ray taken soon for muscles in back of leg seem to be cut or something

September 22


September 23


September 24


September 25


September 26

Got out of bed today and sent downstairs and got a whole new kit and uniform

September 27


September 28

Went out about the town but was very tired

September 29

Hospital, raining hard all day

September 30

Went to movie show in afternoon, Bulgaria surrendered to British