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Date: August 1917

August 1

Pouring rain all day and last night, a draft left tonight

August 2

Put on piquet duty today and night, rained all day


Nothing to do today after piquet, wrote letters

August 4

Poured rain today, to town in evening, along promenade, had lunch there, put leather buttons on tunic

August 5

Church parade today, in swimming with Joe Stuart, in afternoon in row boat, fine day

August 6

Fatigue work all day, down to Seaford tonight, sat on beach for a while

August 7

Midnight pass tonight, down to Seaford, nothing much doing along promenade and came back early

August 8

Fatigue work, volunteered for France and was accepted, fine weather again, to town in evening, a draft left

August 9

Were issued new clothing and inspected by O.C., movie show in evening and big ball game on, sent kodak away

August 10

Route march in afternoon, to town in evening with Sergeant Jacobs who was old instructor at home

August 11

Sports day all day, telegram from John and met 3 trains in afternoon but he didn't show up

August 12

Inspected by G.O.C. before leaving, on C.B. until we leave, to move in evening

August 13

Route march today, P.T. in afternoon, played ball in evening

August 14

Paid today, 1 pound ten, Reub Morden paid me what he owed and Art Evans paid too, to town in evening

August 15

Work as usual, played ball in evening, movie in evening, taken off draft and put on another, we drew lots who was to stay for another week and I was left

August 16

Another inspection by C.O.C., cleaned equipment and bluncoed it in evening

August 17

Received Canadian mail, inspected by O.C., to boxing tournament in evening, Canadians won all matches

August 18

Inspected by G.O.C. in morning, down to village at night

August 19

Church parade this morning, was waiting man on draft that left tonight, took communion this morning, wrote letters

August 20

Limber drill today, move in morning, fine weather, another draft picked out, wrote letter for R. Morden to Crowborough P.O.

August 21

Gun drill today, wrote home, over to YMCA hut in evening to a concert

August 22

Usual work, guns, expected to leave tonight but didn't, ball game in evening, CMGD won

August 23

Got ready for France, went to picture show in evening, left Seaford 9:00 p.m., ten of us, no sleep at all, London 1:30

August 24

Folkstone at 5:40 a.m., raining hard, rested all day, let out in evening, up town, to dance at pavillion, fine time

August 25

Rested all morning and afternoon, didn't leave so went to dance at pavillion up town

August 26

Nothing doing all day, left Folkstone at 6:30 p.m., arrived Boulogne at 8:15 p.m., in tents, poured rain all night

August 27

Left Boulogne at 9:00 a.m., marched 18 miles and arrived at Camiers at 4:00 p.m., poured rain all day and soaked, stopped half way for dinner, Russ and Cotter left for front

August 28

Awful wind, tents blown down, fatigue work, down to village in evening, met American soldiers, slept good, others slept in a shed

August 29

Through gas chamber and tear gas, wrote letter home, on piquet duty tonight

August 30

Issued steel helmets, kit inspection, fired stoppages, ate horseflesh, marched to Etaples for rifles, tired

August 31

Fatigue work in morning, PT in afternoon, walked down to seashore, got letter from home about Bob