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Date: April 1917

April 1

Cruiser Belgravia chased strange boat and after came back into her old position ahead, waves washed over ship, one wave knocked about 30 fellows down off their feet, took picture of other ship with waves breaking over her

April 2

Sea sick today, seas very rough and stormy, fifth day at sea, ate no breakfast and slept nearly all day, funny sensation in bed when boat is pitching

April 3

Storm nearly over and is clearing up, rather weak from want of food, alarm drill, all boats lowered near water in case of emergency

April 4

On guard today and tonight, everybody slept with clothes on, fine day, paid soldiers to go and fire in stoker hold in danger, same this evening

April 5

Met this morning by six torpedo boats, met Stewart Bolton on ship, belongs to 7th Battery, said Bob Baldwin is suffering from some trouble, played cards

April 6

Woke up at 9:00, saw coast of Ireland today, water very smooth, feeling fine, in danger zone, played cards nearly all night

April 7

England, saw tide coming in, generous rations, fine day, left Liverpool 7:00 p.m., stopped at Crewes, fixing railway coaches

April 8

No sleep at all last night, Brighton and Seaforth this morning, daylight saving last night, cold tonight and put in quarantine

April 9

Cold this morning, quarantine, all day in hut, snowing a little

April 10

Quarantined all day, made will today, British victory

April 11

Quarantined today, fed fairly well

April 12

Quarantined today, inspected by O.C.

April 13

Quarantined, physical drill this morning

April 14

Route march in morning, quaint old houses and hedges, quarantined

April 15

Quarantined all day, fine day

April 16

Out of quarantine today, paid today, given pass for six days, lecture by O.C. before getting our pass

April 17

Up at 5:00 a.m., caught train at 8:05, London 11:00, walked up around town, stopped at Maple Leaf Club, stopped in French hotel overnight because were lost, fine day
April 18

Have bought all meals so far, saw Westminster Abbey, Parliament Buildings, museums, etc., left Euston station 11:45 for Congleton, took underground to station

April 19

Changed trains at Stafford this morning, got off at wrong station, found Astbury easily, shook hands with some Lord Darby, saw Pal Farm and Astbury Church, Mrs. Green and Mrs. Holoway living, 89 years

April 20

Left Congleton 8:00 a.m., down to Rhyl by morning train, back to Hollwell at 12:00, walked out to Broa Grion, took pictures of old school, home, etc., stayed there all night, fine time

April 21

Left on 10:00 a.m., arrived Chester 11:00 a.m., left Chester at 2:00 p.m., fine dinner, arrived London at 6:30, hired bed at Victoria Club

April 22

Woke up at 11:00, dinner at YMCA, with fellows at St. James Park, around Buckingham, no train out to camp, stopped at YMCA, over Tower Bridge

April 23

Caught train 5:15 a.m., tired out, drill with gas helmets, took pictures to be developed

April 24

Through gas course, in gas chamber and also in the tear gas, fine day

April 25

Opened bank account in Post Office, received letter from Aunt Emily in Florida, route march this afternoon, issued web equipment this morning, put money in Post Office

April 26

Revolver practice and firing today, fine day, tried to get photo snaps at Beehive, got letter from London

April 27

Finished revolver course, did night march, got snaps at night, received letter from home dated March 25

April 28

Route march to Crowborough, sent brooch to Wales, sent pictures home

April 29

Church service in morning, walked to Crowborough in afternoon

April 30

Squad drill at 6:30 a.m., started bombing course, paid today, 10 shillings, saw fire on heath