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Date: February 1917

February 1

Paid today, was home in evening

February 2

Got card from Aunt Emily, was to Lyric with Russ at night, best show in a long time

February 3

Was to same matinee, piquet tonight and down to arena, very cold

February 4

Home all day, called on Willis, helped unload coal, loaned Mr. Ganse $6

February 5

Was to Savoy with Fraser and Russ, in box, very good show

February 6

Was to dance at IOOF, alone, good time, lights out at 11:30, Sergeant on duty and he let me through

February 7

Home in evening, Mother gave me another pair of socks, Mother was in armouries to see me

February 8

Letter from J. Graham, was to arena, walked home with Bob

February 9

Usual study, walked up town with Russ and Reub, got rather sick and vomited when got back to barracks

February 10

Route march this morning to Pleasant View Farm, tired, Thistle in afternoon, played cards, Leslie Parker in evening

February 11

18 degrees below on mountain, not satisfied with diary and writing parts of it over, church parade in morning

February 12

Piquet tonight, Grafton store burnt, 12 degrees below zero today

February 13

Exam today, asked Emily what night I was to go to Wilsons, on duty tonight

February 14

Was to visit Wilsons tonight, played cards, 500, ran home, to armouries with Bob

February 15

Was down to arena, to midnight, 10 bands

February 16

Was caught out after hours and given CB until Sunday night

February 17

Still on CB, fine weather

February 18

Breakfast at 7:30, dinner at 1:00, came home with Will, home for supper and overnight

February 19

Exam on stoppages, was to Lyric in evening with Russ, raining tonight

February 20

Matinee today, piquet tonight, got late leave from Sergeant of guard, was to dance at Oddfellows Hall, saw cousin Isabel there, went alone and returned alone

February 21

Battalion broken up today, told of going over seas and got last leave, home tonight

February 22

Was out to visit Uncle at Book's, got back again at about 10:00 p.m., went alone, fine day

February 23

Was to visit Aunt at Grimsby, with Will, Minnie and Mother, rain hard, Aunt sick, ate supper at Will's house, home at 10:00

February 24

Fixed money accounts, said good bye to a few friends, home in afternoon and night

February 25

Home all day, family reunion at dinner and tea, nice time

February 26

Kit inspection in morning, fatigue work in afternoon, saw Alice in evening, fine time, was out late but didn't get caught

February 27

Walked home with Bob, played cards, fine time, saw Leslie Parker tonight

February 28

Firing MGs in quarries, home in evening, Will showed me watch given him