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Date: January 1917

January 1917

January 1

Home today, killed pigs, arena at night

January 2

Sergeant's mess today, dance at Oddfellows at night, alone

January 3

Drill and lectures, up to visit Wilsons for tea, played cards

January 4

Started on machine gun course, sick all day, grippe, I suppose, stayed around barracks in evening

January 5

Studying machine guns, poured rain all day, with Alice and Lyric theatre at night

January 6

More machine gun work, with Reub to theatre matinee, home in evening

January 7

Home today for dinner, brought Alice home for tea, walked down with her and Emily

January 8

Studying machine guns, told of going to be a machine gun battalion, Lyric at night with Short and Russ

January 9

More work with MGs, walked up town, went to Red Mill early, stayed in armouries for rest of night

January 10

More study, was to Temple theatre at night with Alice, nice evening

January 11

More study, went home for evening, 10 degrees below zero, passed doctor's examination

January 12

More study, went for a skate on the bay

January 13

Study, picked out for first draft, matinee with Reub, to Lyric at night with Alice

January 14

Nearly got paraded for wearing riding breeches, home all day and evening, very cold and stormy

January 15

Machine gun study, to Lyric with Russ in evening

January 16

Bevan did piquet for me, firing machine guns at range, to Temple theatre for matinee, dance at Oddfellows with Alice, fine time

January 17

Finished machine gun course, to Lyric matinee, Mr. Clognon tool #1 platoon to Savoy and supper at Crystal Cafe for supper, fine supper

January 18

with Russ to Princess theatre at night, started on Cold gun study

January 19

164th presented with colours, usual work on MGs, went for a walk, fainted or fell down from heart and was carried in

January 20

Changed bunks and transferred to B Coy., down to bay with Alice, sore because she was crabby over other girls, with her to Lyric tonight

January 12

Centenary Church, came home all day, big snow storm, was to recruiting meeting tonight

January 22

Same work, walked with boys up to Queen Street, went to Lyric with other fellows

January 23

Was at arena at night with Bert Pepper, nothing exciting, was on the mess committee

January 24

Judging distances on mountain, was home for supper and evening, bomb exploded at range killing one and wounding a dozen

January 25

Piquet tonight, was out, P. Ronsplant answered for me

January 26

With Alice to Lyric, very peeved people

January 27

Was to Thistle in afternoon with Freeman and to arena at night with Bert Pepper

January 28

Was home all day and evening

January 29

Was to Lyric in evening with Russ, walked up to Steven Street with two relatives of his

January 30

Called up Emily, was to arena at night, examinations on MGs (mechanisms)

January 31

Exam on MG, written exam, to arena at night, carnival, walked home with Emily, good time