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Date: January 1919

January 1

Stayed in Club all day and went along the Strand in evening

January 2

Exchanged the bank draft that Mother sent me, dinner at Lyons, tea at Club, called on some friends in evening, through Hyde Park last night

January 3

Bought a ring to wear today, back to camp tonight, raining hard

January 4

Down to Epson in afternoon, had supper in a nice quiet house, raining, came back in an ambulance, met an old churr of mine

January 5

Rested all day, wound not healing much, raining

January 6

Played cards and wrote a couple of letters, received a letter from John

January 7

Raining, played cards, movie in evening, dressing at massage department as usual

January 8

Leg a little better, don't use a stick at all now, received eight letters

January 9

Inspection by MO today, asked to be sent back to hospital but he wouldn't do it, movie in evening, supper at Queen Mary Hut

January 10

Raining hard, nothing unusual today, received a letter from Fred Morrison saying Bill Walker died of flu

January 11

Was to theatre in evening, very poor show, English productions are never very good, leg healed a bit more

January 12

Pouring rain all day, read book all day, movie in evening, Mary Pickford was in show

January 13

Leg healed a bit more, big evacuation today, received letter from Mother, movie in evening, very foggy

January 14

Peace negotiations started today, raining hard, Foster cut my razor strop in half, received letter from Mother wondering when I'm coming home, loaned Frenchie a pound

January 15

bought a couple of books of R.W. Service's poems, concert in theatre in evening, received a letter from John, he is in Rhyal Hospital and expects to go home soon

January 16

Marked back to hospital today, will be going next week sometime, concert tonight, clear and moonlight

January 17

Nice fine day, prisoners of war arrived in hut today

January 18

Went up to London with Tully Estee, met Will Pilton on the Strand tonight, slept at St. George's Bath, a soldiers club, Tully had a chicken to see

January 19

Breakfast at YMCA at Victoria station, with Will Pilton to meet some friends of his on Walton Street near Belgrave Street, dinner at Eaglehut, came back by bus from Clapham

January 20

Nothing unusual today, received some films and cigars from Will

January 21

Drew khaki and three small shirts today, received letter from Mrs. Taylor giving me hell for not visiting them, played cards in evening

January 22

Left Epson at 8:30 a.m., changed trains at Victoria station, arrived at Orpington by noon, met Budden and Gilverson here, don't think this place is much good, wrote couple of letters

January 23

Clear day, wrote several letters, poor system of feeding here, marked for X-ray

January 24

Played cards, no X-ray today but expect it tomorrow, Gilverson and Budden went on pass today

January 25

Nothing doing today

January 26

Had an X-ray taken today but they couldn't find anything in my wound

January 27

Played cards all day and was very lucky, snow for the first time this year

January 28

Sister gave me a job as dressing orderly for the ward and help her dress the wounds

January 29


January 30


January 31

Put twenty-two pounds in the YMCA bank for safe keeping