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Date: September 29th 1916

Sept. 29th 1916
Pte. H.F. Ball, No. 436610
38th Base Detail, Provisional Battn.
Bramshott Camp, Hants.
Army P.O. London, Eng.

Dear Aunt Becca,-

This has been a wet nasty day and we have not been out very much. We started out this morning about 8 o'clock to have a little instruction and practice in how to make barbed-wire entanglements, but we could not stay very long as it started to rain, so we had to come back before we got wet through.

We have been expecting to leave for France for a few days now, but have not got away yet. We have to be ready to leave at a couple hours notice, but just when the order will come, we do not know. I have just been up to the post office to get a money order for you while I had the chance, before we had to leave. I would like to send more but 2 Lb. Is all that I can spare now. I don't know just how much you can get for them out there but it aught to be nearly $10.

If you are in any danger of loosing any of your property over back taxes or anything, I would be willing to let you have a cow or steer to sell, if you can arrange it with Father.

I have not heard from Albert for a month or so, but I hope he is all right. The 51st men have been getting it pretty hard lately over at the front. We expect to get back into the Machine Gun Company when we get over.

I had a letter from Mrs. Mills the other day and she said that Mr. Mills had gone to the hospital, but seemed to be getting worse all the time. They don't think there is much hope for him.

How is Uncle Chriss. And the others getting along? Do they still live on Bellemy St?

I can't think of anything much just now, but I will try and send you a card or a few lines when we leave. I hope you are well and feeling pretty good. Sam and I are both quite well and hope to keep so. Well I must close for this time and hope this reaches you safely. Best love and wishes.

Your loving Nephew,