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Date: November 30th 1944

R.W.C. C.A.O.

Nov 30/44

Hello every body!

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis & Duke;

Here I am once more no letters today though but seeing I haven't heard from you this week so for I have nothing to do right now so I thought I'd drop you a line of nothing. I guess as it's always the same nothing to do but take treatments I saw the Doc this week and all he says is carry on so Louis carries on.

Well Dad, I sure hope that you are feeling alright and not working to hard and received a swell letter from Helen S. yesterday and the day before a parcel from Joyce an Margie and also a box of chocolates from Joyce. My mail is now coming along wonderfully well so no kick on that I also received some cigs from the W.C.W.S. so am doing alright.

Mother, dear how are you feeling I sure hope that you are not working to hard, as you son sure thinks of you often. Lorraine and Emilda, how are you doing well, eh? I suppose more or less as you please, eh! Be good girls whatever you do. Ha! Ha!. Hello George, how's the big bBro doing, eh? Are you being a good boy? Carmelle many kisses to you and now for Maxine thousand and million of great big kisses and hugs to you. Big hello to Paul and Blanche for me and sure hope they are getting along swell. Now for good old Duke be a good little boy, eh! Ha! Ha!

I received a letter from Denise G. the other day and she sent me a couple of snaps and boy oh boy is she ever a knock out. How "beautiful" I sure like here, Oh! There's to many of the girls back home being nice to me it's kind of got me in a jam. They all had a lot of those lover letters, great fun, eh?

Well I sure hope you got my picture by now. I think you'll notice that I'm somewhat fatter than was from laying in bed so much you know. I'm sure have been in the hospital a long time and the funny part of it is I haven't as yet had any pain, I guess God had pity on me. Thank you God for that.

Well I think I'll call it off for today as I'm getting short of paper and most all news so best of health and luck to all and May God bless you.

From your Son & Bro who thinks of you all often and loves you so very much.

Buck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx