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Date: May 27th 1945


May 27/45

Dearest Dad Mother Bro. Sis & Duke;

Here's that old Louis again. Let's hope that pretty soon we won't have to write letters. Today being Sunday and really nothing to do I thought I'd drop a line.

This morning Frank and Pals came and visited me and we got up and had breakfast and then we took in Mass uptown it was really nice to really and truly enjoyed it. Frank left this afternoon to be able to go back for Duty tomorrow morning. He's going to try to come back again if he can manage to get on another 48 hour pass.

Well Dad, how are you feeling? I do hope in the very best of Health and not doing to much I hope. Mother, how are you? I do hope that you are also not doing to much and keeping in the very bet of health. Hello Lorraine, how's tricks?!! Be a good girl, eh? Well Emilda how are you do you get the odd boy after you? Ha! Ha! Well, well how's George doing? I hope you are helping Dad the best possible as I imagine he needs your help now so be a good by, eh? Hello Carmelle, how are you behaving? I hope you are being a good girl. Well now for a good little Maxine, are you behaving real good you'd better be a good girl 'cause Louis will put you on the sofa gain so you better be good ha! Ha!. Well old Duke, how are you doing old pall manage to keep that elevator running?!! Well must go now give my very best of regards to all Ant's and Uncles for me. As for myself am feeling the very best. So here's wishing you all the very best everything and may God bless you dear ones.

From your Son and Bro who loves you

Dearly, Louis xxxxxx