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Date: May 20th 1945

R.W.C.H. C.A.O.

May 20/45

Dearest Dad, Mother, Bro & Sis & Duke:

Here's old Louis again just received your most welcome letter last night Dad and sure was pleased to get.

Well this morning got up and went to Mass and am now in the office I just finished taking sick parade over to the M.O. so while waiting for them to come back I thought I'd write to the Dearest folks in the world.

Well Dad am glad that you sent those letters anyway cause I'll put in for it right away and will get home sooner. That way "thanks'" an awful lot Dad I'l never forget it. Sure glad that you got the flowers Mother my heart was right in them to as my Dad & Mother mean everything in the world to me and I'm proud ho so very proud to be able to say I'l soon be home with you again and you'll be able to say I'm not ashamed of my son he is one of the best to prove my Dad and Mother that I'll really loved them Dearly and now that I done my little bit I'm satisfied to go home with you all again. This morning when I got up to go to church I said to myself if I was home now I'd make breakfast for the family and (make my own bed) ha ha.

Well paper is getting short so I'l stop for now and will write on ordinary letter this afternoon.

From your Son who loves you dearly may God bless

Dear ones. Louis