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Date: June 27th 1945

R.W. C. H.C.A.O.

June 27, 1945

Dearest Sis. Denise,

Hello there Sis I just received your long awaited letter and was pleased to hear from you.
Sure glad that your Holidays are due I suppose that by the time you get this letter you'll be home. Gee that's to bad about Ernest Perra losing his two fingers, eh! Blanche added on a little note to Dad's letter and she said that she sure was enjoying herself at home Dad said that the little boy Dennis is really cute and a good little fellow. I'll sure be glad to get back home to see him if he's like his Uncle he'll be an awful devil, won't he?!!

Sorry to hear about you and Tuck. However, I have nothing to do with it I did receive a very nice letter from him and he thought everything was alright but apparently it isn't so that's that. Well I haven't really heard of a definite answer from my application yet but I do hope that it won't take to long all we hard is that it ws sent to Canada for further investigation so lets hope it won't be to long. I must go now Sis here's wishing you the very best of everything and be a good girl now.

Your Bro. who loves you.