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Date: June 24th 1945

R.W.C. H. C.A.O.

June 24, 1945

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis,

Hello there Dear one's here I am once more and also today being a good old Sunday had rather an enjoyable day today of course went to church this morning and had something to eat an then Joe and I (my pal) decided that we'd go around and see the country so we got a couple of bikes and then we took off to the Seaside we brought over lunch with a cold tea went in for a swim or I should say I tried to swim and we had our lunch rather enjoyed that. We just come back and I've just finished shaving so that was the way I spent today.

Received a swell letter from Tuck Saturday and I sure enjoyed his letter's he's a swell kid. So I answered his yesterday. Well I haven't received any news about my application yet but the O.C. told me that it would take quite a while so I guess patient is the virtue now. I hope it will be a couple of weeks any way.

How is every body at home? I do hop you are all well and happy as for me I couldn't be any better. I sure got a heck of a tan boy I'm as black as a coon and it sure feels good to. My let is coming along very well now and I can bike at lease 20 miles before it gets tired so that's pretty good. Well must go now from you Son and Bro who loves you all so very much.

Love & Kisses to all Louis