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Date: June 19th 1944

Monday, June 19, 1944

Dearest Dad Mother Sis & Bro,
Here I am again doing nothing right now so I thought I'd drop you a line am feeling fine and sure hope you are all the same back home and that none of you work to hard as I sure ain't. Well Dear Dad how are you feeling lately I sure hope you are not working to hard and also hope you'll be able to get your two weeks holidays and hope the Pool got on answer from his boss in the mean time be good and take care of yourself, Dad. Well Mother Dear how are you doing as usual eh! Sewing and what not but for goodness sake take it easy Mum and don't get to excited over moving into our new home. I'll sure be glad to see it only wish I could be there to help you move into our New home but it won't be long now till we are all back again. Well, take good care of yourself Mum Dear, Blanche, well how's the big sis of mine still taking life easy at the telephone office and I bet you and Phil are really resting up since I left home, eh? Oh? But I'll make up for lost time when I get back and I won't give you a chance to ring back in my ears, ha ha. Say hello to Paul for me, oh and tell him to be good. Lorraine and Emilda how are you girls? Getting along I sure hope you pass your final test in school and also glad you got that telephone operator's job Lorraine and I am sure you'll make alright in to it. Well don't you girls let the boys tease you too much? Well George old boy how's things up your way? Do you still play Cow Boys? Well be good George and do whatever Mother and Dad tells you to. Carmelle many kisses to you and be a good little girl, eh! Well at last our little Maxine thousands of kisses to you and Louis sure hope you are a good little girl, eh! Give my best regards to Grandmother and all Uncle and Aunts also a big hello to Duke and tell him not to kill to much time I guess it won't be long till he's uptown for a while, eh! Well, has it stopped raining at home yet I sure hope the cutworms are all gone with after that big rain. Have you heard from Tuck yet? I'll have to write to Denise or both of them tomorrow night as I have no time tonight. Really to bad about Mike Shoepowk's but I guess "it's" got to be that way and no one could stop it it I'm getting your letters fairly good now. I think I told you that I received the Bracelet but I have not yet go the parcel you sent me. Thanks Dad for everything I'll get it one of these days I sure appreciate that no fooling. Well I'm getting along fine and sure like this place. I'd sure like to visit this place in Civi life it would be nice to look it over. Well, there really isn't much more to write about so I guess I'll quite for tonight. I sure like to get news from you soon so don't forget to write after and I'll do the same that as after as I can till I hope the very best of health is with you an also wish you the very best of luck and may God Bless you all. I'd sure like you to start sending some Cig's anytime now as my supply is getting pretty darn short.
Till then I'll remain your son and brother who loves you dearly,
Buck L106508
Pte J. L. Dureault
No 2 C.B.R. Group Canadian Army Overseas
FP Regan
Cheerio and Kisses to all xxxxxxxx