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Date: June 12th 1945

R.W. C. H. C.A.O.

June 12, 1945

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis & Duke,

Just received your letter Dad dated the 6th of June and also the Reg Air Mail thanks a lot Dad. I've got all the paper wrote up in fact I've just finished them - they'll be taken to the O.C. tomorrow morning with a note on it by Capt. McKee my Medical Doctor so that should help. I also received a swell letter from Denise D. and Jerry & Helen Sanderson so I sure have a lot of letters to answer tonight there's a Dance in Camp but I'm not going as I can show some respect towards my little Denis's mother. I thought it best not go anyway so I'll write letters instead.

Say wasn't that awful of Juillette Tournigy what was her big idea any way gee it sure took a lot of nerve to do a thing like that ho! Well, there is some funny things and ideas' in this old world. I guess people will have to settle down a little more now that Uncle Ed is there. It is a very bad thing to do that would it be jealousy?!!

So the weather is not very nice back home, eh! Gosh I sure hope it gets better as the farmers will have an awful time of things if it doesn't get better. I hope to be able to make it home by fall Dad to be able to do the work for you. Dad I think I can make it I think that they have a new system more that if this don't work that the Oglivie Co. can put in a claim for me through some committees just started there is nothing definite on that thought but I'll let you know if I hear any more of it and also send you the address of the Committee cause this I'm putting in for may take quite a while as it has to go back to Canada and inspectors have to go to Wolseley sure is a lot of red tap to it. Well must go now May God bless you all Dear ones and the very best of every thing to you all.

Your Son & Bro who loves you all Dearly

And is always's thinking of you.

Cheerio for now, let's keep our fingers