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Date: July 29th 1945

R.W. C. Hospital

C.A. England

July 29, 45

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis,

Here I am once more today being good old Sunday again and feeling very good. I do hope that you are all the same at home.

Well as always went to Church this morning and next Sunday I will be going to Communion if I'm still here it's hard to say as I've been here for quite awhile now and the Doc. May have to send me out. There isn't a heck of a lot doing I'm still working in the office and enjoy it as much as ever as it helps the time to go by such an awful lot. Well Dad, I do hope you've been to Winnipeg by now and that you are having great use with your new hand.

I hope all my Sis & my Bro are behaving the very best possible and doing all they can to help. A big hello to Duke and all Uncles and Ants for me and hope that they are all well. I haven't had any news from that application and I think it would be wise if you go and ask Claude to write to that address I sent you as I do think it would hurry things a lot more. Well must go now. May God Bless you all and keep you all safe for me.

From your Son & Bro who loves you

All so dearly. Loves and Kisses

(Buck) Louis Cheerio for now.