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Date: July 23rd 1945

R.W.C. Hosp C.A.O.

July 23/45

Dearest Dad Mother Bro and Sis.

Hello there everybody just received a letter written by Sis Denise saying that you were all tired after the big sport's day but I do hope that you are all back to normal now. Sorry to hear that Nestor didn't do so well it's funny about his horses it never seems to amount to much in the Wolseley sports day does it?!! Well as for me I've been getting along fairly well went to Mass this morning and had dinner and am now writing to the dearest people in the all of the world.

Well Dad I do hope your papers have come through by now and that you are on your way to Winnipeg. I haven't heard any more about that application I put in but I expect some kind of answer real soon. Maybe this week, maybe.

Well I'll get it look'ed into. I was at a dance last night had a lovely dance that started at 0700 O'clock here and ended at 10 O'clock so it doesn't tire a person to much. About sending parcel's I couldn't very well say as I am have word so I then it may be a couple of Months or so. So I'll leave it all up to you's back there whatever you care to do.

Well must go here's hoping this letter finds you all in the very best of luck and health.

From your Son and Bro who is

Always thinking of you and all

My love & kisses.

Louis, cheers!