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Date: July 15th 1945

L 106508

Sat. July 15/44

Pte. J. L. Dureault

No 2c.B.R. Group


Dear Dad Mother Bro and Sis,

So here I am again feeling just fine and sure hope you are all in the very best of health. Well I really meant to write yesterday but I was on Duty and couldn't so that is why Sat afternoon we went to a town and took in another show and had supper and walked around a little and then came back home or I should say come back to bed. It think that, that sounds better, eh? Well I'm always hoping to get some mail but none as yet. I guess there's a mess up somewhere. Oh! It will come through. Well Dad, how are you feeling and are you working hard now or is it still quite?

Whatever you do Dad take good care of yourself. Mother, I suppose you are still busy fixing up the new house, eh? Don't go at it to hard Mum take good care of yourself. Well Blanche, how are you? How's Paul?? I sure hope you are still doing well and not being bothered with a couple of guys, ha ha. We sure got under your skin, eh? Say Hello to Phyllis for me and tell her to be good and don't forget to do that yourself, ha ha!

Lorraine and Emilda how's the girls full of devilment I suppose? I sure hope you are helping Mother out with her work and also being good girls?

George old boy how are you doing? Are they making you work hard and don't forget to do all your chores? Be a good boy and your bother loves you. Carmelle, how are you ? Are you being a good little girl? I send you all my kisses I know there not very good but you can have them all ha ha! Well for my little Maxine thousands and millions of kisses and all my love. I sure hope you are behaving best that can be expected. Best regards to old Duke and I suppose he'll be working hard pretty soon, eh! Tell him to take care of himself. Hello to Grandmother and all Ant's and Uncles for me please.

Well folks this is about all I have to say. I'm feeling just fine and sure hope you are all the same.

Only thing I miss here is good old Canadian cigarettes and that all oh! Of course home but that isn't in the picture al all. Well best of health all the luck in the world to you all.

From your Son & Bro who often thinks of you all and also loves you all, as ever

xxxxx Buck xxxxxx