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Date: April 24th 1945


April 24/45

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis & old Duke,

Here I am once more with some real good news. I wrote a letter yesterday after Mass well, after that I went for dinner and was in my room. Tuck gosh it was just like going home we shock hands and both of us had tear's in our eyes it was just like going home I was never so happy since the day I left home when I saw him, oh! Gee it was swell and what didn't we talk about many things under the sun that we could talk about home. Gee's he's really thin thought and I must say Tuck is really worried about him and Denise. I told him to take hold of himself and do the best he could. I must say it was just like going home hay are your ear's back home weren't ringing back home well it sure wasn't out fault. Leo is still around I haven't seen him since Saturday he wasn't at church yesterday morning at least I didn't see him.

I also received a new letter from Denise today and sure was a very nice letter to. Tuck say's that he sure enjoys getting Lorraine's letter's he says she's sure don't let him down on letter's keep up the good work Lorraine as he sure enjoys them. But he say's he lives on Denise's letter poor kid he sure thinks the world of her. It's all he talks about is Denise. Well as for myself am feeling fine and not doing much of anything I'll soon be going out of here to 4 C.C.D. and then from there to the Holding Unit and then I'll likely stay there for a while.

Well by the way the old Red Army is going over there it won't be long till she'll all be over by then Jerries are hard to convince that there beat oh! Well this time it's their own country and people that are suffering for it not some other country so that's a big consultation.

Well I've must run along now I do hope and pray god that you are all well at home and make sure not to go to work now Dad nod yes anyway may God Bless you all dear ones from your Son and Bro who often thinks of you all and prays God to be with you all real soon.

Love & Kisses, etc

Louis Cheerio xx