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Date: November 12th 1916

Private D. McLean 799658
C Company
15th Battalion Canadians
Nov. 12th 1916

Dear Lettie

This is Sunday afternoon and we're back in billets for a few days rest. We had church parade this morning and we have a fine pipe band. Well I've had my first experiences in the trenches and it is a rather hard life but I suppose I can stand it the same as the others. We happened to have some pretty wet weather all the time we were in and the mud was terrible. We're covered all over. We were a great looking site when we arrived here but I think we can hold our own when we meet Fritz. He sends over a few of his big sausages once in awhile but one gets used to them. It makes you dodge once in awhile. I haven't seen Jim McAllister yet but his battalion relieved us in the trenches so they are in there now. I have not got any mail yet. I wish I could hear how you are getting along and if you got a money order I sent from England and that one I sent France about two weeks ago � 4 pounds in all. Mr. Grant is in the same platoon I am. We sleep together. We're all mixed up with the old men of the battalion. I've just received a letter from George Desson the first mail I have received but no mail from Canada yet. Some of the boys got letters and parcels from Canada so I suppose I may get mine soon. I may say that you may be thankful you are not living here for it is awful. The destruction done to the homes the people seem to be very poor and a dirty lot. We have got lots of good clothes. We were at the baths and we got new underclothes and socks and we were issued with a leather jacket without any sleeves and we have hip rubber boots when in the trenches so we can keep fairly dry but you never know the minute when you may get hit so I wish it was all over.

Well Lettie I've just received three parcels of telegrams and that parcel with socks but no letters yet and I thank you for the oxo for it will be all right when we get in the trenches and tell Isabel I'm wearing her wristlets. We can buy biscuits and such like at the YMCA and at our canteen but it is terrible dear so we prize anything sent from Canada. Well I think I will close hoping you and George are keeping well. With best love from Dave.