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Date: December 1916

December 1916

December 17

Piquet duty today and last night, Fong Yongs for tea, first sleigh ride this season

December 18

Paraded sick with knee, McKinney taken sick, could not get out of armouries when on sick parade

December 19

Teeth inspection, Temple Theatre

December 20

Route march around Albion Mills, very tired, Lyric theatre with Alice

December 21

With Ptolmy and Rob Morden, cold weather, I have a bad headache

December 22

Drill and boxing, dance at Nurses home at city hospital, my birthday, 19 years

December 23

Went to see Mr. Redford, cold weather, with Alice, gave her present, she left for home

December 24

Home all day, chicken for dinner, received Christmas presents

December 25

Will and Minnie home for dinner, turkey for dinner, nice time at home, at home for evening

December 26

Woke up at 11:30, Mother and I went to Lyric, home for tea, Sparhams to see them at night

December 27

Stayed at home all day, came to town at 9:00 o'clock, walked up King Street and back to armouries

December 28

Told of going to be made a machine gun battalion, was to rink at night and met a girl from Goodyear tire

December 29

On piquet at night, stayed in barracks

December 30

Drill in armouries, walked up town in afternoon, saw S. Edwards and E. Jones, to rink at night, had some nice bands

December 31

Was up to see Shorty's house on the mountain, was home for supper and back to town to sleep