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Date: March 20th 1917
Alex McLellan
John A. Kirkpatrick


On the death of his son Corporal W. H. McLellan by the Officers of his regiment.

France, Feb. 21,

Alex McLellan, Nanaimo B.C.

Dear Sir- You have no doubt been advised of the very sudden death of your son William Henry McLellan, No 703380, which occurred on Saturday the 16th inst. from a clot of blood on the brain. He was only ill part of one day, and we had him removed at once to the hospital but he died a few hours afterwards.

He became conscious before he died and nothing could be done for him by our doctors. He was in my office the day before he took sick and other than saying he had a bad cold he said he was quite well and happy I used to often talk to him when he called at my officer for pay or on other duty, and he was always so bright and cheerful that I enjoyed having a chat with him.

He had last returned from a course of instruction as our colonel had promoted him to corporal, and was to have been made sergeant as he was proving to be one of our very best men.

The officers all speak very highly of him and all deeply deplore his loss as we can ill afford to lose men of the type of your son. His private belongings are transferred to the military authorities in London and will be sent forward in due time, and will also advise you of his estate in their hands as he made a military will, I believe, which was sent to them for safekeeping.

With the sincere sympathy of our colonel and all the other officers to you in your great sorrow, and trusting that God will help you to bear your great bereavement in your old age.

I have the honor to be,


Paymaster 102nd Battalion, C.E.F.