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Date: August 20th 1916

Hants England,
August 20

Dear Lettie

Just a few lines to let you know we arrived safe and well. This is Sunday afternoon and we have been very busy all day. I am in the officers' mess steady now. Well we arrived in Liverpool about midnight Friday night but we did not get off the boat till between 9 and 10 Saturday morning. We had a fine voyage across. We came around by the north of Ireland and it was lovely scenery around the coast of Ireland and the water was as smooth as glass and there was a destroyer with our ship. It met us when we came in the danger zone. It would put you in mind of a dog running here and there all the time. There was one for each ship and one for the cruiser as well but we did not see any subs. I got thirty shillings for working on the boat so that helps some. Well we got on the train between 10 and 11 o'clock Saturday morning. There was seven of us in a compartment and we have a fine time. They just looked like toy trains. They were so small. The first big stop we had was Birmingham. We could get out of the train to walk around and we got a fine reception all along and we did not arrive here till 9 o'clock last night and we have two and a half miles to walk from the station and it was pretty late when we got to sleep. It is a lovely place here. We're up on a hill. The 123rd are right next to us. The two officers messes are right together. We have a fine building just laid out like a house and we sleep here too. The officers have a separate house to sleep in. The men all live in wooden houses just one big room. The battalions that left Borden and Niagara are all here so it just seems like home only I have a terrible appetite. We did not have much to eat yesterday but I am making up for it today. Well I will close for this time. My address is just

B Company
134th Battalion
Bramshott Camp
Hants, England


Write often.

This is a car ticket I found among the dishes on the boat and the card I got when we were going on the boat.