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Date: September 16th 1918
Mr. H. L. Good
Dick Good


Mr. H. L. Good in Receipt of an Illuminating Letter from His Son Dick.
Mr. H. L. Good, Collector of Customs, has had the following Interesting letter from his son in which the weakening of the enemy's morale is clearly shown. The letter reads in part as follows:

Dear Dad,- We are all walking on air over here now, owing to our wonderful smack at the Hun. It has been a grand victory in every way. I had a trip over the recaptured territory which was very gratifying, for I saw quite a lot of his fields and heavies that our chaps have taken, also machine guns. Saw five of the latter in a nest with three dead Huns lying about them and in front of them about five yards away one khaki boy, and on his shoulder straps were pinned those little "Canada" badges. One doesn't mind seeing Bosche stiffs, but seeing your own boys down sort of turns you prickly.

One of my men has sold me a pair of practically brand new glasses made in Paris. I expect a Frenchman lost them to the Hun, not long ago, and now he has lost them back to our chaps. The Canucks and Australians are certainly grand fighters, the best over here I'm sure, for everything they do is successful.

I'll bet the German Empire won't stand many more knocks of the same caliber he has been getting since Foch's counter attack on the Marne started. His men are tickled to pieces to be captured and look very cheerful when coming back from the line under escort, so that doesn't say much for his morale.

Am just trying a wrangle for two leaves now. One of 10 days to Paris right away, which does not affect U.K. leave, and one to England directly I get back from Paris. The Siege Park Major is a decent chap, and has promised to see it through if Corps H.Q. will assent to it.
Lambert runs in to see me quite often now. He is driving a Dalmler lorry (3 tons) and finds it rather heavy work, after being in the office for so long, but still looks as young as ever.

My canteen is like Jonnie walker, still going strong, but the concerts have falling flat owing to the men working so hard, but will start them going again when the work slackens off a bit.

Your affectionate son,