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Date: October 28th 1916


Has Met Many of the Nanaimo Boys Who Have Gone Overseas.

In a letter received by a friend in this city last evening, Captain McKinnell, who is now serving with the No. 4 Tunnelling Company, says in part:

Shornecliffe, Oct. 11.

Dear Friend,- I thought I would drop you a few lines to let you know that I am still in the land of the living. I have just got back from Leeds I was in London about four hours when I went up and about six hours when I came back. They are both great cities. It is nice to see, the lady conductors on the tram cars and omnibuses, they are very smart. I visited all my wife's relations and had a very pleasant week. We have been connected to the Engineers' ever since we came over here but expect to be on our own hook in about a week. I am fixed up very comfortably in one of the huts, all conveniences.

I met Murdock at Bramshott when we arrived there, the same old Andy; he was left behind, he had rheumatism in the knee and was feeling bad about having to stay behind. He was expecting to get a sanitary inspector's job when I left. I met Matthew's when we came over to Shorncliffe, he went up to Ashford to build some huts about three weeks ago, and I have not seen him since. I have seen a whole lot of Nanaimo boys over here, Wallbank, Harry Jepson, greaves, and Lance Warn, he had lunch with me the other da. This place here is a regular hold up with the exception of clothes. I got a new tunic for 4 pounds, 10 shillings, the same would have cost 6 pounds 10 shillings over there. They have omnibuses similar to the ones that Captain Yates wanted to put in Nanaimo, they would have been all right, too. We are expecting about 120 transfers from the 103rd Battalion and about 70 from the C.M.R .They are stationed not far from us. I heard all about the elections quite a snow slide, too much Bowserism. I felt sorry for Mr. Planta, fortune seems to be against him.

I have seen a few Zepps, quite a sight. We are getting a few of them. I think they are getting a little bit afraid now, we missed our regular visit from them this week. Has Wilcox joined up yet. I guess he will join up when he gets Sam Hughes' job. Lance Warn said he would like to get after some of those out there.

I think this is all for the present not much to write about here.

Yours truly,