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Date: January 17th 1917
Mrs. Charles Fiddick
William Decker


Was Present at the Battle of Ypres and the Somme.

In the following letter to his aunt Mrs. Charles Fiddick, of Cedar District, Pte. Decker gives some account of his daily life on the western front.

France, Dec. 20.

My Dear Aunt.

I thank you very much for the Christmas parcel you were kind enough to send me. The contents were in good shape, and I certainly did enjoy them. It's just around Christmas and lots of parcels are coming in, and we are sure having some feed.

At the present we are enjoying a rest in a very small village. A number are in a barn, they are quite comfortable and warm to some of the places we have had since being in France. It's possible to get together a good meal. Buy your meat and vegetables, and take it to some house and the lady of the house will generally cook it for you.

Our battalion has seen quite a bit of France since we arrived. This is the third part of the line we have been to now, and it's by far the best part of France we have been in. So far we have been to Ypres and the Somme. I can't mention where we are now. I am not sure but I think the censor will cross out those two names. The last place we were at was pretty hot work. Our battalion never had the honor of going over, but they were ready anyhow if they were called. We generally went in after some other brigades made an advance, and relieved them. Our job was to make our consolidated positions stronger. We lost a good number of men, but not half to the other battalions.

Grandmother Fiddick has certainly been good since I have been here. I am always getting socks from her, she has sent me scarfs, etc. She certainly is doing her share. Sis was telling me she knitted thirteen pairs of socks the last time she was over in Vancouver. I will now have to close with love to all, Goodbye.

I remain, Your loving nephew.