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Date: December 5th 1917
Mrs. Clarke
Donald Clarke


Following is a letter received by Mrs. Clarke of South Wellington, from her son Donald who has been gassed in France:

France, Nov. 4th, 1917.

Dear Mother,

Just a few lines to say that I am getting on well. Long before you receive this you will have received word from the war office that I am wounded. I have not been hit but a week ago I got a considerable amount of gas. I wish you could get this sooner for I know you will be uneasy until you know I am all right. Well mother, it took the Hun a long time to do me any damage, so I have no kick coming. even now he hasn't placed me out of the war for long, for I don't doubt that by the time this reaches you I will once more be my same old self again. With me being here and Charlie in the hospital too it is the first time in nearly three years that our family is not represented at the front line. In a way it is very nice here, a fine bed and nothing to worry one, but I have to hurry back, as I expect Charlie will be going to the company any day and he will be disappointed if he doesn't find me there. I had a letter from Gordon just a few days before I left. He is still in England, and from what he says is likely to be there for some time. I hope he never leaves as there are enough of us in this.

Well mother, I hope everything goes well and that you are receiving $15 a month of my money starting from the first of last June. Did you ever get the four photos of myself, they were sent to England shortly after I came back off leave. At present I am in the 47th General Hospital, but you had better address my mail as usual and I will get it.

Well mother, that is about all for now. Hope to have a letter from you soon. With love to yourself and all at home. I remain your loving son.