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Date: April 21st 1915


Percy Brown, of Nanaimo, now serving with the 16th Canadian Scottish, First Canadian contingent, writes to his father and mother dated March 30 from the trenches in France, as follows:

"Sorry I have not been able to write oftener, but now I'm at the front it's a difficult thing to write regular. I received -'s letters, one while I was in the first line of trenches. It was late in the evening and I read them by moonlight and German star shells.

We are out of the trenches for a couple of days' rest now. The Gordons have been very lucky up till now, they have had no casualties yet.

I have not seen any of the second contingent but I hear they are still at Shorncliff, England.

I am picking up a few French words enough any way to make myself understood.

I am in the very best of health and so is the rest of the bunch. We are limited to two pages in our letters, because they have to be censored, so you can't put very much in a letter, so excuse me for being brief, but I'll write whenever I get the chance.