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Date: April 3rd 1915
Arthur Davidson


The following letter was received yesterday from Arthur Davidson, of the Post Office staff, who is now in France with the British Expeditionary Force:

Dear Ronnie,-

Well, old boy, I'm getting down to the business at last and hope to be in the trenches in a day or two. The bunch arrived here, the base, today, and are all in fine shape. Coming through the city all the little boys and girls were after us for biscuits and souvenirs. Some march, too; it was not far, but besides our equipment we were carrying two blankets and water proof sheet, and the sweat was simply rolling off us. This is the most interesting part of our life, I think, as I suppose it will be too hot to be interesting at the firing line. I have seen the French soldiers and they certainly have quaint uniforms, blue coats and scarlet pants, too quaint and conspicuous for my liking. I also saw some of the Ghurkhas; they are the soldiers from India, and between you and I (and the censor, of course) I don't blame the poor Germans for running away from them. In fact I believe I'd hit the pike too, if they were chasing me, even if they are on our side.
We are very comfortable here; I suppose that is because we are under Imperial officers now, as we serve with the Imperial forces and not the Canadians.

I did pretty well tonight, as supper was served about twenty of our fellows got the tea between them and I didn't get any, but I loped over to the cook house and the cook, a decent old scout, dished me out a pot of jam, a tin of butter, a loaf and half a dizie of tea so I got off better than any. I have little news but give my regards to the bunch and as "lights out" has gone I must close.