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Date: July 1916

Camp Borden
Tuesday July [?]

Dear Lettie

I received your letter before I left Niagara and was pleased to hear you arrived home safe. Well we left Niagara Thursday night at 9 p.m. and we went around Niagara Falls. We could see the falls quite plain. We went through West Toronto about two or three in the morning and arrived here at 5 o'clock. We had fine tourist coaches so we got a good sleep except one hour when I was on guard between 10 and 11 o'clock at one end of the coach. Well it is a pretty bad place here. You can see nothing for dust. It is the worst place I ever saw. I am still in the officers mess. I have hardly had a minute. There was quite a riot here last night. Our regiment was not in it. There was an awful time up to 12:00, at 10:30 we was all ready with fixed bayonets. They were going to raid our camp because we wouldn't join in the riot but they got stopped before they got here. I was to see Dave Radcliffe and Oliver McNaughton there in the 135 battalion from London. Sam Hughes was here today. He did not get such a god reception as he got at Niagara. The men are just as black as niggers (sic) every night with the dust. I don't think the soldiers will stay here very long. If they do there will be more trouble and we're only getting a pass every four weeks. This is Tuesday night there is some new orders come out. We're to get a pass every two weeks and our battalion is to have pictures show. They have to do something for the men won't stay here and they know it. There is none of our battalion allowed out of our lines tonight. There may be some trouble. I may be home Saturday if I can get a pass and I hope I do. It is a good job you came to Niagara became this is no place for women here for we hardly ever see a woman. There was a woman come along the other night with a man and the soldiers took off their hats and cheered them. Have not seen Ernie Hopkins yet. I do not know where I will get this posted for I can't get any stamps anywhere. Our battalion all got ice cream for supper tonight so they're trying to keep on the right side of the men.

Well I will have to close and go to sleep. We sleep on the ground and my bed is not very level either. I have not had time to level it yet but I can sleep pretty good too. So goodbye.