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Date: November 11th 1942

Nov. 11, 1942

Dearest Mom - Good news! The ban on mail is lifted! I can write full issue this month. Latest letters rec'd are yours of Sept. 4, 11, 16 and Brenda's from Yorkton, Sept. 18. Both personal parcels sent in July and Aug. arrived a week ago, and, boy, were they good! Everything was swell, Mom, you sure look after me. Two new permit[?] food parcels arrived in last week and are now in store. Two books from Book League rec'd and one very good. Two food a month will be plenty now, Mom, as we don't do too badly here. Don't send books outside of Book League. Confine pers. parcels to choc., tooth powder etc. Swell big picture of Brenda in new coat arrived. Brenda would be surprised at the number of admirers she has here. Send more picture corners in next pars. please. Album looks great. Everyone here in best of spirits & making big plans for Xmas. We intend to do ourselves proud this year. Have my pay allotments come through yet? It should have, by now. Send my love to Brenda & Bob. I'm writing a word to Brenda in your care. You can forward it. Too bad you lost George. Thanks for all you've done for me, Mom. Love to yourself & Jim. Merry Christmas,


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