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Date: May 21st 1916

May 21, 1916

Dear Lettie

I thought I would write you a letter today as we are not doing much today. We went to service this morning they held it beside Head Quarters and that is right beside our camp. There are seven Battalions and we have about as good a place as any of the regiments. We are right close to the town and it is as dry as any. We have had a lot of rain but it is fine today. We were pretty scarce of food but we have been getting lots yesterday and today they gave all the men passes that wanted them for the week and so they could get a little food on hand but I thought it was pretty soon after just leaving so I will try and come next Saturday if I can get a pass. How are you getting along? Have you any more of the garden in? It is pretty cold here tonight but I don't know whether there was frost or not. I suppose you will see Grant (T. P. Grant). He went home Sat. There was about half the regiment went home. You can bake a nice cake or something for me to fetch back with me. Well I think I will close for this time. Hope to hear from you soon.

B' Company
134 Battalion
Niagara Camp