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Date: January 10th 1944

Rec'd April 17/44

Jan.10, 1944. Dearest Mom - Last night I was delighted to receive personal sent Sept. 18. It's a honey, Mom, a real hum dinger. The pocket watch has been causing comments all day, also the toque. The watch is very handy & I've got it in my pocket now. You sure think of everything, Mom, and the parcel was complete. Incidentally, don't go without sugar and things like that in order to send to me, as we get a sugar ration here. Once again, thanks a million. And then today, the records you sent in Sept. arrived. I've been playing them all afternoon and they're just what I would have picked myself - all new to us, too. So many of the fellows receive trash that it's a treat to get six really good records in one go. Brenda's selection was very popular too and the guys want to know how I get such good records. Last mail from you Oct. 9 & 10. Xmas was quiet this year. How's it feel to be a grandma? Love to all, Syd.

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Original Scans