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Date: February 15th 1942

Dear Brenda. Feb. 15, 1942

How's tricks? It's been several weeks since I rec'd your last letters - Nov. 16 is the latest date. All Canadians here have the same complaint & there must be a hold-up somewhere. Likewise no sign of parcels. It's Sunday afternoon again & believe it or not I'm going to church. I somehow seem to be closer to all of you out there during the service - I wonder if it's because you're in church too. I say a prayer for you too & although my prayers are a bit amateurish, I hope they're fairly effective. Are you and the horses still getting together on Sundays? Send all the snaps you can of everything & everybody. Jim will be interested to know that Arthur Featherstone who belongs to the Arcanum in New York is here. Are you all getting to be expert skaters at the new rink? Give my regards to all the gang & love to Agnes & Percy. Tell Mom & Jim I send them all the love in the world & Solong, lots of love. Syd.

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Original Scans