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Date: May 10th 1945

Lieut-col G.S. Andrews, RCE

c/o Director of Survey,

G.H.Q., M.E.F., CAIRO, Egypt.

10 May 45 - England

Dearest Jean:

Expect to be off tomorrow or next day - and have only time to give you an idea when to write me and where. The Cairo address is O.K. for your next letter - I should be getting mail there till say 10 June. After that write to

c/o D.D. Survey

SACSEA, Kandy, Ceylon

I should be there till 15 July. Don't forget to the letters R.C.E. after my name - that indicates that I am the Canadian.
Will write you in more detail later. Said good bye to the Morris's tonight - We all passed it off casually - but it was tough. Fortunately Hammond had just arrived from leave, so it will keep them preoccupied -

Love dear-


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Original Scans