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Date: May 9th 1944

9 May 44

Major GS Andrews,

30 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec RCE

First Cdn Army Overseas.

Dear Jean:

Your letter of 20 Apr came along last Friday, and the one of the 29th today. Thanks for telling Alf Jacklin about the Keyhole parcel. Wish I had time to write them. The radio hasn`t shown up yet, I think I have mentioned all the parcels from you, I keep a note of all letters and parcels received, but it is hard to say just how long they have been on the way, because they don`t have any kind of a date on them. Here is a list of those from you, since 9 November last year:

Date rec`d Contents

9 Nov 43 Indian Sweaters

9 Nov 43 Shirt, tie, cake, tobac, klim etc.

2 Dec 43 Cake, cookies, sox, candy etc.

21 Dec 43 Stockings (silk) and snooze.

26 Feb 44 Klim, soup, etc

17 Mar 44 Hankies, shorts, spam, jellow etc

17 Mar 44 Tobacco.

1 Apr 44 Tobac, spork, cookies.

7 Apr 44 Cookies

13 Apr 44 Lemon pwdr.

18 Apr 44 Klim, cookies (yours, very good), shortbread etc.

25 Apr 44 Cookies, yours, (best yet), jello

There seems to be a bit of a gap between 21 Dec and 26 Feb, possibly one parcel went astray in there. However, it is a very good list, and you have done much more than you should have. You can send a tin of tobacco along sometime, although I am not short yet. The FB cigarettes have been coming quite regularly since first of March too, and it keeps me nicely supplied.

Your idea of going to visit Leila is nice, you might find it pretty hot unless you wait till Fall. Think the change would be good for you and Mary, and Leila would be thrilled. You would no doubt find after you got there just how you could help best, and knowing you, and knowing Leila, I wouldn`t worry at all that you would get along splendidly. Have you had any more news about her boy Gerry? I gather that he is still in hospital.

Was very interested in your dinner party at the Union Club. I can see that we'll have to step out a bit when I get back. Am hoping in the mean time that you wont take to drink, violently anyway. I suppose one should do a little bit of everything in this life, but I would never worry about not being gifted at making "small talk". Am not very good at it myself. And it can be frightfully dull too. Have seen a little of that sort of thing here, and it is one of the grim sides of life that I shall be quite content to forego.

Mary will miss Nora, but it was nice that she had her for a playmate and "relashun" long enough to know her. Mary will need all the friends that come her way, being the only child. It will be easier too, now, as she will be getting to a more sociable age.

Sorry to hear about Olive Andrews. She has been a valiant soul, and as far as I know, depends entirely on her earnings. I would like to send her something to help out. Do you think $100 would be too much for a start, or too little? Think I will try to write her a letter, too. Had I better send her the money direct from here, or do you think it would be nicer if you sent it? I think there is £40 on its way to you. Wont be sending an more for about a month, because they have balled up my pay account again, but it will be OK eventually, except that it always takes time for them to get things put right, especially if it is they who should pay, not the individual.

Am a bit sleepy, have just been out for a long bike ride. We work alternate evenings, and tonight was an off night, and such a lovely sun, that I decided to get out for some fresh air early.

Had a short visit to Haywards, went down there on the motorcycle Saturday morning, there in time for lunch, and left after tea on Sunday. Saturday was cold, and I nearly froze going down, it is the longest trip I have attempted on the motor bike, and I didn't realize how perishingly cold it would be. It was an hour and a quarter steady run, without a stop. Bill Hall came down by train, so we had a nice visit. As usual, we ate far too much, they had made a wonderful lemon pie out of the powder, that you sent, and they always seem to have plenty of eggs, etc. Got some good exercise in too, cutting big limbs off the oak treed, and then cutting them up for firewood. Sunday was sunny, so worked without a shirt. Have begun to get a little tan, and it seems to be doing my skin good. Still seem to get a few eruptions on my back and shoulders during the winter, but not as bad this year as last. Sometime when you have a chance, talk to John Rod about Bert Haywards place at Mill Bay. He should know all about it. It is 12 acres, not 30.

Thanks for the statement. I should say it looks pretty healthy, and again, you have handled my finances better than I could have myself. As I said before, we shant likely ever be rich, but we should be able to get along in a modest sort of way, Sorry Chris had that set back, although I guess he was lucky compared to the others. Prices may be higher, when the crops mature, which may help to offset the loss.



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