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Date: May 2nd 1945

CDN ARMY England

Dear Jean:

You will be glad to know that I finished up the final sweat on my big report last night at ? guess it was 1:30 am. It is a great relief - and a [?] of satisfaction - strangely enough some of the tough riddles all seemed to solve themselves during the last stages - and a rather topsy turvey hodgepodge of chunks & bits all seemed to fit themselves together just at the last. Its not too badly written either, the rush to get it ready before leaving on my next job was a good discipliner - made me be brief & to the point without beating around the bush - so the final result and effect is good. Few will need it, fewer will understand it, but if only one or two real authorities go through it thoughtfully - I think they will give it the O.K. and that will satisfy me. One of those authorities would be Gen. McNaughton - and I am going to try to wangle that he gets a personal copy - not because he is in the job he's got - because I doubt if he will be in it long - but because it comes a lot of things that he was interested in during the days when we were trying hard to get somewhere, and the report does get there.

Your letter hasn't come yet this week, but 2 large parcels came, [?] and the cheese - ITS LOVELY The bran flakes are welcome too - They are a wonderful accessory to have, I often put a few in with our otherwise sloppy uninteresting army pudding or [?] fruit and it makes a tasty desert.

Have promised myself a day off as soon as the report was done, and tonight plan to drive down to Haywards. Bill went down from London this p.m. & he will come back with me Friday a.m. Have seen Bill only a couple of times since he arrived on Sunday night. He looks very fit and the dress goods are still in his baggage. Have to be back Friday because some British Air Survey people are coming here for lunch. Have mentioned them before - the big boss is coming, with his managing director.

Was up in town today & learn that I may be setting out any day - perhaps within the next week, or 10 days at most. Am sure ready for a change. When that happens you will be the wife of Lt Col GSA (ha ha) Best of all - I will be on my way toward you & Mary and home - a bit [?] will keep you posted.

Heaps of Love -


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