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Date: March 28th 1945
Mrs. Young


28 Mar 45

Mrs HW Young

1468 Finlayson Street

Victoria, BC, Canada.

Dear Mrs Young;

On behalf of men and officers in my unit who are from British Columbia, I wish to thank you for your gift of 2000 cigarettes received through the kind offices of Mr WA McAdam, Agent-general, British Columbia House, London.

Throughout my five years in the Army Overseas, it has been interesting, and gratifying to notice the pride and affection which all soldiers, sailors and airmen from British Columbia manifest for their home province. Knowing BC as I do, it is easy to understand how the boys set out on their travels with this feeling. However as they scatter into far away parts of this "global war", their pride in BC seems to become more intensified. This is partly due to the comparisons with other parts of the world, invariably favorable to their home province. It is also due, to a large extent, to the wonderful "follow-up" by the folks and friends back home with reminders in tangible form of cigarettes and other comforts. In this connection, many who have found themselves in London for long or short periods, can hardly have escaped the refreshing influence of British Columbia House, with its Men's Canteen, Officers' Lounge, and its friendly and helpful atmosphere, where the staff and even the Agent-general himself seem to find time for a chat about BC, and home, and from which gifts of cigarettes from you folks at home are distributed.

The generosity of yourself and others, so effectively carried out here by our Agent-general have indeed gone a long way to maintain the spirit of British Columbia at a conspicuously high level among the officers and men overseas.

With kindest wishes,

Sincerely yours,

(GS Andrews), Major,

30 Cdn Air Survey Liaison Sec,


Canadian Army, Overseas.

Copy to Mr WA McAdam,

Agent-general for British Columbia,

British Columbia House,

1 Regent Street, London, SW 1