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Date: March 28th 1943

No 158

Major GS Andrews, RCE

Survey, HQ First Cdn Army O/S

28 Mar 43

Dear Jean:

I delayed posting my last airgraph written at Haywards till getting home here last night, because I have pretty good reason to think that it will go faster through the army post than if I had put it in the civilian mail on leave. Stayed at Haywards till Friday morning, because Bert took Thursday off from his business in town, and we had a fine day working together on this "farm". So Friday I went up on the early fast train with him. It meant one extra day of fresh air, exercise, good food and fellowship, and of course of being of some use to mankind. It was a bit dull in London, am afraid I am not one for the "bright lights". My shopping wasn't so successful either, most things are either frightfully expensive, or else unobtainable. I did buy a couple of nice books. One on Voyages of Martin Frekisher, and one on the Voyages of Columbus. They are both beautiful editions, and will be sending them home to you when I have had a chance to look them over. In the mail waiting here was your airgraph of 14 Mar and one from Gertrude. Thanks for arranging my program to the American Society of Photogrammetry. The [?] [?] of their journal [?] with your letter too. I guess it is just as well the red cross have all the civilian clothes I left at home, because after being in uniform all this time I believe I will go in for medium when its all over. Glad you got some letters but I notice the latest to arrive was a month on the way. [?] [?] [?] must be some hold up. Yours have been quite regular lately, mostly about two weeks. I am wondering what you and others will think of my proposals for Air Survey in BC it is too bad about old Mrs Maingry. An old friend of mine died here last fall, and I regretted that I had not made a greater effort to see him before it was too late. It was Capt ST Meuser. I think Frank Swannell knew him. Lorne and I had lunch with him in 1940, but we never got around to seeing him afterwards. I certainly hope that someday you will be able to meet the Haywards I am especially fond of Bert, but Mrs K and the girls are very fine too. They will probably be taking a trip to Victoria after the war. The week they were down there was perfect last week, too. I feel so much refreshed and in better mood to tackle the jobs here once more. Quite a few things which I get under way before leaving, have developed satisfactorily in the [?] so I feel that several things have been accomplished even tho I was away. It is nice to have it that way. I have so many different projects in the fire now, that I keep a little progress log for each one, and it helps to follow them through, without letting them lag, and nobody is taking over my work [?] carry on by referring to them.

Well, more next time,


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